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Even the celibate part is a little weird because I haven’t chosen celibacy for life. I mean, would you even read this blog if it was called the Sexy Single? Basically, I like my blog name even though neither of the two words in the title are accurate. Here are some of the things that I love: -Dark chocolate, good cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and nut thins all on the same plate. He created universes that I can’t begin to understand, but He also created a leaf with tiny lines on it that I can hold in my hand. -Writing my first book, Cupid is a Procrastinator: Making Sense of the Unexpected Single Life, which will be in stores soon.

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It is no longer a hidden fact that there are many rules and regulations or guidelines on how to get that man you so desire to be yours or on how to get the lady of your dreams to say yes to you.

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Many believe that you have to be certain person or act certain way or do certain things for you to be Mr or Mrs Right.

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It is commonly believed that a lady who doesn't know how to cook can never get a good husband hence the reason why many condemn. Yes, cooking should be one of the many things a woman should know how to do but in a situation where she doesn't know how, does that mean that she won't get married or better still get to have a long lasting marriage?

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I’ve played everywhere from military bases in Italy to huge hippie gatherings.

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I am a singer songwriter, worship leader, writer, and teacher based out of Boulder, CO.

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(go to my webite for more about me and free downloads of my music, along with a store where you can buy it.